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My Story

Hello, I'm Amanda, a 42-year-old woman who received a diagnosis of several bone diseases at the age of 25. Among my health challenges are 10 bulging discs, 3 Mushroom discs, spondylosis, neural foraminal narrowing, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, and experience nodes. In addition to these, I have an enlarged left side of my heart, and in 2021, both of my lungs collapsed, though I've recovered, not entirely. Coping with these conditions often led to depression as some days, simply waking up and getting out of bed felt like an insurmountable task. My body resisted movement, and the excruciating pain was unbearable. These health issues significantly impact my daily life.

To enhance my mobility and overall well-being, I realized the need for a service dog, one large enough to assist me in getting out of bed. I found a wonderful companion in a big, beautiful Blue and Rust female Doberman. Her presence provided immense support, even in alleviating my depression. However, I felt compelled to share my journey and experiences with others. That's why I made the decision to acquire a male Doberman and embark on breeding so that more people could benefit from these incredible dogs.

Over the years, I had the joy of welcoming Doberman puppies into the world, and I soon discovered that this venture not only brought joy but also helped me cover my medical expenses. It marked the beginning of a small-scale breeding business. Additionally, I wanted a larger breed to help with tasks like pulling a cart, which is when I rekindled my love for Rottweilers, another working breed. Naturally, I decided to include Rottweilers in my breeding efforts. My fur babies work tirelessly to support me, and in return, I put in every effort to ensure their well-being.

All my fur babies are indoor companions; many find their spot in our bed, while others rest on doggie beds on the floor. None of them are exposed to harsh weather conditions, be it scorching heat or bitter cold. We treat them as cherished members of our family, and sometimes, my partner jokes that they receive even better treatment than we do.

Please take a moment to explore our website, and if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to call or text me. Have a fantastic and wonderful day!

Please meet my family whom I love and hold dearly to my heart! Besides my fur babies that work so hard for me. 

Julian, oldest son

Joel, youngest son


Amnesty, granddaughter

Kaizer, grandson

Easme, granddaughter

Lori, my beautiful Mama 

Earl, stepdad 

Jayden, nephew 

Et, brother

Connie, grandma

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